onna_otaku (onna_otaku) wrote,

Square One

Ok. Things are just beginning here. I'm excited. I spoke with my faculty "mentor" who gave me some names for people interested and doing work with nontraditional families. No one I've talked to yet seems to think polyamory relationship counseling is as exciting a topic for a thesis as I do.

I was surprised when the topic came up in my counseling class, one girl even asked if polyamory is usually associated with cults. (!!!) This is the same woman who was very flustered and shocked when I told her I want to be a sex therapist. So, some edumacation is definitely needed in these parts.

The one woman I was very excited to have on my committee is probably going to accept a position at Smith College. She's the only trained sex therapist I know of in the department.

So I'm workin' on it. Slowly but surely.
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